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The player who goes out, i.e. finishes first with no cards left in the hand, scores 20 for each closed set and 80 for going out, a total of 200 points.

Other players:

                       Score 20 for each closed set,

                       minus the sum of all the numbers in open sets,

                       minus twice the sum of all numbers in the hand.

Wild cards count as minus 50 in an open set and minus 100 in the hand.

Bonus #2 card counts as 8 in an open set and minus 16 in the hand.

Negative scores carry over to the next round.

Players decide how many rounds to play or whether to finish the game when any player reaches a predetermined total score e.g. 1,000.


Players can decide that once the required any three base cards and card 21 have been put down the remaining two sets can be started with standard cards (non-rabbit). These standard card sets can be completed and closed without using a base card in which case they score 10 each.  A player can go out with these standard sets. If one of these sets is started and the player then picks up the base card then that base card can be substituted for the standard card. That set when closed would score 20. This is a good variation if more than four players are playing with only one deck



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